Jolt Bakkie

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Jolt Bakkie

We developed The Jolt Bakkie alongside the well-known vehicle builders of the Uri, based in Koës, Namibia. It has been tested in the beautiful red Kalahari sands and keeping in mind that the Jolt Bakkie is only rear wheel drive, the results were spectacular. The independent suspension allows for a smooth fun ride with minimum disturbance to nature.  The Jolt Bakkie is perfect for security patrols,  daily farm commuting and scenic drives on a lodge or nature reserve.


Motor size

15kW, 235 Nm

Top speed

75 km/h


100 – 150 km

Charge time

7-10 hours

Hill Incline

30 degrees

Loading Capacity

500 kg


LifPO 108 V, 
48.6 kwH